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What Does It Mean To be alive?

      To be alive you need to have nine characteristics. Two of them you have to have and the others you have to be able to do. The two you have to have are cells and DNA. The others that you have to be able to do are move, grow & develop, evolve, reproduce, convert energy, respond to environment and repair injury. To be able to relate this to us easily i'm going to use human beings as the example.
      The two most important characteristics of human beings and any organisms are DNA and cells. To have cells we first need DNA. With DNA it's basically the blueprints of our body and it helps create cell components. When the cells are made they help us a lot and are often called, " the building blocks of life." They are called this because cells metabolize and take our energy and gives our body nutrients to be able to do simple movements. Also with cells they help us grow with the protein from them.
      Well obviously the moving characteristic shouldnt be that hard to grasp because we move just about every second we live. Another key characteristic is growing & developing. And obviously us teenagers are doing this a lot. With this comes facial hair, getting bigger, smarter and a deeper voice. These are just the few of he many examples we can do by growing and developing.
      Evolving is especially important to us humans. We first started out like cavemen in the old stone age. After every generation after that we became more advanced. We have gotten smarter and our bone structure has changed though almost every generation of evolving.
      To keep any organisms existance going they have to reproduce. But our exsistance is not endangered because we produce thousands and thousands of babies a day. For us to reproduce we need to have a sperm cell merge with a female egg to start the fertilization process. 
      Then to be able to do anything at alll we need energy. For us we need to eat food to get energy. Then to break down the food to give us energy is our digestive system. After it's broken down our cells get a hold of it and nourish themselves and our body.
      The amazing thing us humans do well is respond to our environment. By using our stimuli to our environment we could either determine if it's too cold or hot. After that then make adjustments, like by putting a sweater on or going to a cooler place. We respond to our environment everyday without us even knowing it.
      Well I have just explained the nine characteristics of life by using a human as an example. Hopefully you learned more about humans and know what it means to be alive.